Meet The Fixeur.

The World’s most compact cycle bag mount!

With only 30g of total weight the Fixeur is only half as heavy as an average hen’s egg.

The Fixeur is only about half as small as a credit card, almost invisible and unpretentious.

Highest Quality Materials

Best Material

The cycle bag mount is made of super light and strong aluminum and comes with a branded Fixeur Studios cap.

Heavy-Duty Dyneemafiber

The internal heavy-duty Dyneemafiber withstands even the heaviest strains. Even Climbers trust in the Dyneemafiber to secure them in terrifying hights.

The 12 times plaited rope has a breaking load of 410 daN (kg) which make it ultra-durable and resistant against everyday influences. We believe that your life deserves that kind of quality and safety.